Welcome To Our New Website

Augusta United Graduate Academy Inc is the first of its kind in the CSRA, originally developed from the Gridiron Elite Program established in 2011. Gridiron Elite has supported, coached and mentored over 1000 kids through its spiritual/athletic building experiences.  

Our vision is to create a post graduate high school that serves as an academic and spiritual character builder for young adults. We aim to unlock the potential of those that attend to recognize their duty to serve our community and become productive citizens. Our comprehensive and customized academic/athletics programs are designed to achieve the following:

  • Reduce poverty and crime

  • Extend educational learning opportunities post high school

  • Increase enrollment rates 

  • Improve SAT/ACT test scores 

  • Achieve improved core GPA to attain scholarships

  • Qualify student-athletes for NCAA eligibility

  • Minimize or reduce academic/athletic down time post-graduation

  • Create internship opportunities for students and athletes that lead to entrepreneurship

  • Increase community outreach participation

  • Increase the maturity level and teach practical skills to our young adults

  • Decrease the failure rates in young adults in our community

Our goal is to work to provide and build an academic learning experience for postgraduate young adults.